Digital Citizenship – Portfolio of Evidence.

Question 6

Digital Law

What is digital socialisation? How can social media change communities and their practices and traditions?
What ethical issues could arise as a result of digital socialisation?

6.1. Digital socialisation is how people communicate online, and in which ways they choose to communicate. It is “the customs, quirks and language unique to a particular culture” (Mitchell. 2017).

Social media brings people from all different cultures together and it helps people learn about other cultures and challenge the norms. It is both good and bad. Traditions are being done away with and a little bit of history is being lost, but people are still growing from what they learn.


6.2. Cultures and religions are being debunked and mocked. Traditions are being thrown out. People are feeling less free when they speak their opinion.


******All references to be shown in the 10th post of my portfolio.


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