Digital Citizenship – Portfolio of Evidence.

Question 1

Digital Access
In this activity you are going to conduct a survey to research and report on the access that students on your campus have to the internet.
1 Design a five-question survey on the type and availability of access to the Internet and how students would rate their level of skill in using the particular technology.
 The target audience for your survey is students studying on your campus.
 You can create the survey with any software – just as long as the participants can complete it electronically (preferably online). Survey Monkey and Google Forms are free online survey tools that you can use.
2 Get at least 30 students to complete your survey.
3 Collate the data using MS Excel.
4 Present the feedback/responses in a graph.
5 Interpret and create a presentation on your findings (using MS PowerPoint or Prezi). Your presentation must include your survey questions, the response graph and answer the following questions:
 What did the survey show in terms of accessibility?
 Did all students surveyed have access to the Internet outside of campus?
 If so, what was the most common means of access?
 If not, why do you think this is the case?
 Did socio-economic factors play a role in your findings?
 Did everyone have the same level of skill in using technology?
 Was there a correlation between the level of access available and skills?
 Create a blog entry titled Digital Access, provide a link to the online survey, and attach the graphs and PowerPoint presentation.

*All references to be shown in the 10th post of my portfolio.


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