Digital Citizenship – Portfolio of Evidence. “Napalm girl”

Question 3


The image above taken in 1972 is an authentic picture of an incident during the Vietnamese war. The “Napalm-Girl” post was marred with a lot of controversy because of the nudity of the girl which is seen by some critics as a violation of best practice. Refer to the inappropriate communication and media fluency section under learning unit 3 in the manual.

In your opinion do you think this image is inappropriate given the context? Justify your argument.
 Use a minimum of200 words.
 Create a post titled “Napalm-Girl”

‘Napalm Girl’ is an iconic photo, by photographer Nick Ut, taken during the time of the Vietnam War. The question was ‘in the context, do I think the photo is inappropriate’? And my answer is no. The photo was taken in a time of great stress and many think it helped sway the public against the war and that it helped quicken the wars end. And although these myths have been debunked there is still the opinion that the photo has an emotional impact, which for me is true. The photo highlights one of the tragedies that happened in the Vietnamese war. The photo shows the horror and pain that not only children went through, but adults as well. It depicts a scene that the world needed to see. The horrors of a war. It didn’t matter that although it was thought to be an American attack and was actually a South Vietnamese air force pilot, the point is to show how bad the war was and the impact it had on humans. The girl in the photo, Kim Phuc, was nine at the time and she survived with horrible scarring to her body and she wasn’t the only one. Many people died, many people were injured and scarred for life, and the world needed to see that.


***All references to be shown in the 10th post of my portfolio.


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