Digital Citizenship Assignment – Question 3

Question 3

Digital Communication


Discuss the Internet of Things and how it will affect businesses in South Africa. Identify a sector in the industry and detail how it will be impacted.
Hint: Be very creative, take a moment and traverse into the future to envisage how life will evolve when everything becomes connected.


The internet of things is the connecting of not only people but physical objects as well. The sector I have chosen in the business industry is the book trade, more specifically retail stores. If all stores are connected and all books are logged into the system, a person could walk into the store, their devices could be picked up by the store, and they could then choose a book or two and just walk out. And the store would deduct the money from their devices which would be linked to their bank accounts. In the case of finding a book, a person could walk up to a desk speak the title or author they’re looking for and then the computer can link to the bookshelf and push the book forward. And if you want to keep the store open for 24 hours without the threat of theft, if a person walks out without paying for a book an alarm could go off and their picture could be sent to a security guard on duty. And as soon as a book is out of stock, the store would send notification to the owner or person who works at the store. In my scenario the Internet of Things would make buying a book a bit more efficient but it would take away the human aspect of book stores. I.e. being able to ask a bookseller for a recommendation.


***All references will be in the sixth post.


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