The Dreaded College Task

In the previous post, I mentioned that I was doing this for a college assessment. I didn’t? Oh, well… Now you know. Everything I do in this blog is for my Digital Citizenship portfolio.

Anyway. Back to my topic/s of today. I have once again been given a few questions to answer, and I will be answering them in this post.

The first question was was labelled ‘Language Style’. I have to write a tweet, facebook status, sms to my grandma and an email to my lecturer, about how my weekend is going.

I took the liberty of actually posting on my sites. I use the same style for both facebook and twitter.

The sms to my grandmother will be sad because, well, she’s dead. And it is very informal anyway because I was very close to my grandmother. “Grandma, I had the most epic weekend. I really wish you were here so that we could talk about it.”

The email to my lecturer:

“Dear ‘insert name here’

This weekend has been a rather busy weekend for me and I haven’t had the chance to complete the assignment. would it be possible if you could give me an extension?

Best Regards

‘Insert student name here’

‘Insert student ID here'”

(I might actually have to send an email similar to that, because my internet is giving me issues… Sigh.)


That was question 1.

This is question 2.

All right. So my internet is not allowing me to play the videos attached to the question, (cries silently), so I will have to finish this post at a later stage. (Or in my case I will edit the post tomorrow.)


For now.

Keep it real.



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