This is my first blog post (Not really)

All right then.

In my college we have a module called Digital Citizenship. It’s a really interesting module on what to do and not do on the internet, and how the internet affects us, and so on.

For this particular module, I have been given a question to answer. (The first of many, I assure you).

We were given a video to watch. Look Up By Gary Turk

(It is a very powerful video, with a very powerful message.)

We were then asked to answer the following question: “Filter out the ‘noise’ in the video and explain what is really being said.”

This is what I have to say:

The Message

We need to basically ‘wake up and smell the roses’. If we keep looking down (at our phones) life will literally pass us by and we will miss so many great experiences.


The Medium

The gentleman speaker is using words to get his message across, poetry to be exact, and he is showing us with this video what could and could not happen if we let life pass us by.


The Form

The video flows, never stopping and never pausing. It’s fluid, happening so quickly, just like life.


How It All Fits Together

First let me talk about the target audience… Everyone. This video, the message, speaks to the masses, and it is a powerful message that everyone should adhere to. People will listen to the message because it talks of love and happiness, it talks of loneliness and being empty. people will react to that.


Annnyway. That is the end of my little blog post for today.

Credit for the video goes to Gary Turk Films:

Credit for the question goes to Varsity College:

Keep it real.



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